AJ and Free leave 106 and Park

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Rumors had been going around for months that Aj and Free wheere leaving 106. But yesterday it was made 100% offical as a somber AJ with Free on his a cell phone, announced that they would no longer be hosting 106 and Park.

Free hadn’t been present on the show sense the BET Awards. And record lable exec’s have been listening to her album, but no one knows what lable she is going to sign to. Free has completed 16 tracks and is ready to take on the music scene.

Both hosts will go on to pursue other interests. AJ announced that he will be opening a new restaurant, Mahogany, in Brooklyn, N.Y. and will continue working with his management company. AJ also announced that Free said that her Website would also be coming soon.

The question is who will replace them? Julissa seems to be the top pic of the BET exec’s, now headed by Reginald Hudlin, to be the temp. replacement host. And Tigger who hosted Monday’s show will probably fill AJ’s shoes. However, it’s also rumored that Tigger will be following AJ and Free’s footsteps.

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