Playgirl disses Marques Houston

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Marques Houston has played himself in the eyes of Playgirl magazine. Playgirl magazine reached out to in a telling e-mail and told that some of this chit chatter about $2 million to pose nude was false. At first it was $1 million…then his rep.’s said $2 million…now Playgirl says it was NO MILLION!

PLAYGIRL stated, We’ve been monitoring the Marques rumor mill via your site and we’re ready to put the kabosh on his publicity teams abuse of our name to get him his 15 seconds. So heres what we’ve got to say about the situation: Marques Houston is not going to be in Playgirl. We didnt offer him a million; we certainly didnt offer him $2 million. We emphatically stand by the fact that we do not pay celebrities to appear in our magazine and certainly not at a rate of $1 million an inch (so we’ve heard from those who saw the goods). However, as our way of tipping our caps to someone who has so blatantly abused the privilege (even though we have called multiple Marques representatives to insist he stop the name-dropping) we are putting together a special Marques Houston surprise in our November issue. It hits newsstands Oct. 11.

What does Playgirl have in store for Marques Houston? Stay tuned……

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