It’s not a come back…it’s a return 4 Fiona Apple

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One of the greatest musical talents of the modern day will finally get her album to life on Oct. 4th. After almost 2 years on the self in Epic records Fiona Apple will return to the core of her fans. And what a fan base she has. After a long and drown out battle between the fans and the Epic records, Epic finally caved in an announced an offical release date for “Extraordinary Mechine.” Fiona has sold over 4 million records in the US alone. Her fans staged several protest in order to get her record released. But it wasn’t until the album was dropped in full on the internet that the critics, fans, and finally her lable took note. Now with a remastered and reworked album Oct. 4th will be the day all of Fiona Apple’s fans have been waiting for.

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