SunN.Y. Freestyle Marathon

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SunN.Y. 24-hour “Overnight Celebrity” Freestyle Marathon @
In the event to end all online freestyle events, SunN.Y. will attempt a stunt never before tried, the first-ever 24-hour freestyle marathon.

On Wednesday, September 7th at 3 PM, every hour on the hour for 24 straight hours, SunN.Y. will unleash a new freestyle on the world, on a subject chosen by a vote of the community, fans and haters alike, during the previous hour. The freestyles will be posted immediately on the web, to be scrutinized, lionized, analyzed, contemplated, investigated, and evaluated by the community.

Will he make it through the ultimate test? SunN.Y. will step into the ring alone with his rhymes. His skills will be tested. His endurance will be challenged. His will to succeed will be assaulted. Can his skills stay sharp for 24 hours with no sleep, no pager, no entourage, on a diet of Whoppers and Sprite? Will he own the day, or will the haters. The only way to know is to log on.

How It Works:
Starting at 3PM Wednesday September 7th, the voting for freestyle subjects will be open to the public. 1/2 an hour later, the first vote will commence. Promptly at 4PM, SunN.Y will emerge from his isolation booth. The host will reveal to SunN.Y and the online audience the subject of the freestyle. On the spot, SunN.Y. will start to spit, and minutes later; the end product will be posted via audio streams on the site.

Immediately after, the voting for the next freestyle will begin, and SunN.Y. will emerge again at the top of the hour. An hour-by-hour ranking of the top rhymes will be posted, and at the end, the whole thing will be available for download at Just days later, the Freestyle Marathon mixtape will be available as a bonus to anyone who buys “Overnight Celebrity” the first week it’s out.

No one has ever tried this before. It’s a stunt worthy of Houdini or David Blaine, and it all unfolds on at 3 PM EST on Wednesday September 7.

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