Tyra Banks vs. Martha Stewart

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Yesterday marked the return of Martha Stewartand the launch of the new Tyra Banks talk show. So which one was better? Well lets talk about Martha first. She’s really seemed to open up alot more. Martha use to be this stiff white woman cooking stuff in her kitchen that I couldn’t even imagine cooking. Now she’s seem to have relaxed, gotten a little more down to earth and relatable. Topics like mircowave cooking which would have been sacreligious in older Martha Stweard days are now open for discussion. She’s even got Elmo wearing a poncho. So after watching the first episode we give Martha a THUMBS UP!

Tyra Banks, however, is making all the same mistake her sisters Ananda Lewis and Llyana Vanzant made with thier shows. To many make-overs, to much “your fucked up looking but you can be better” moments. Often times seemed like Tyra was reaching for to much. You can pop on TV and be Oprah over night. Tyra needs to first calm down, get better show topics, and become more real. She’s like a over-aized make-up bruch coming to attack you with eye-liner on everyshow. Thumbs Down for Tyra
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  • noreply@blogger.com (SmilingOnThaDL)
    September 13, 2005

    I didn’t think Trya did that bad. I think she is trying to fast to be real. Those revealing photos are real. And today, she is suppose to show her stomach and pinch the fat.

    I think the show has a real potential. It was too much stuff going on for her first show. But, India.arie bless her with that song and that girl with the jacked up teach really needed that make over. Hopefully she will obtain her GED and move gracefully forward in live because of Tyra’s help.

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