Lil’ Kims Reality Show and 5 mic in The Source mag.

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Rapper Lil Kim was in NYC yesterday doing as much press as she can get under her belt before they lock her down in CT. So like everyone else she’s filming a reality TV show in partnership with Tracey Edmonds of Edmonds Entertainment who brought you such classic show as BET’s College Hill. The reality show will focus on Kim’s final days of freedom as she prepares to go to prison for a year. (zzzzzzzz)

Lil Kim Goes to the Big House is the expected title of the show and is executive produced by Edmonds Entertainment, Kim’s manager Hillary Westin, Michael McQuarn and attorney L. Londell McMillan. The show will feature Kim co-hosting a party with Marc Jacobs during New York Fashion Week, remodeling her house and hyping her new album, Naked Truth, and applying TONS and TONS of make-up! Camera crews have 24-hour-a-day access to Lil’ Kim and she will be filmed until September 19, when she starts her prison term of 366 days.

In other Lil Kim news…The Source magazine, the most unrespected magaznie on the planet, gave Lil Kim’s album 5 mics. Hummm…Lights Up is aiight but it’s luke warm at best. Shut Up Bitch is a song that a ton of people can’t even listen to cause it’s just down right wack. MAybe it’s cuae her manager is messing around with Dave Mayes? Funny how no other magazine outlet has reviewed the album yet. REsponses from the listening party Atlantic had a few weeks back where luke warm on the album at best. She stated yesterday on 106 and Park that “getting 5 mic’s is good for Hip-hop. It now puts us female rappers on the same playing field with the men.” Umm..I think not! Until another female rapper comes out with a quality record, a quality image, and convert themselves into a brand name, female rappers will continue to fail. We only have a hand full of female rappers really worth anything. Foxy, Remy, Eve, Missy, and where the hell is Rah Digga?

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