Halo 2 Lan Party

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Started by two hardcore gamers, this is the opportunity New Yorkers looking for LAN parties and Madden tournaments (we will be branching out into DDR and fighting games shortly). We simply allow people the opportunity to play against people in person and meet more gamers without the strange complications of Xbox Live (modding, cursing, loudness, racism, and loud racism).

We are having another Halo 2 LAN party. If anyone is interested please reply or contact me via email.

We are also branching out into other genres in the very near future so as long as you enjoy playing multiplayer games in the Tri-State area, we might possibly be your ticket.

Turnout for the Halo 2 LAN should be massive so contact me or sign up to the forums at NyClan.net for more details. Test your skill! And enjoy yourself. Thanks for your time.


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