BET News is back? Hires 3 new people….

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Humm, interesting. BET News has just hired 3 new people of note. Ex-CNN pop culture correspondent Toure who was the news host for the BET 25th post-show. So looks like he’s offically doing news for BET now. People might remember him for his pictures with Beyonce that floated all over the internet. Former Editor-in-Chief of The Source magazine Selwyn Hinds also joins BET. Interesting, first Kim Osario joins the staff of and now Selywn Hinds. And writer and filmmaker Nelson George. Humm…what does BET have cooking? We do know that BET News will happen in 1 minute spots every hour on the hour like MTV. And the rest of the clips and package will fall down to But the fatal flaw in BET’s news coverage is timing. Will they be able to be on point and up to the minute with the news? seems to post their news at 6 or 7 a night and never on the weekends. When Cam’ron was shot you didn’t see the story on until monday.


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