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If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it’s a duck. Terri McMillan states in her TV apperance with her exhusband that “he wasn’t the most masculine man.” Well if he wasn’t then you should have known maybe something was up. Terri she clearly hasn’t read any books like “Invisivle Life.” But of course Terri’s first mistake is dating someone 23 years younger then her. Just cause the dick is good doesn’t mean that you munch on it. When she was talking about the “sex” she was all smiles and giddy. It probably was the best sex of her life. But if you dangle a carrot in front of a horse then he’s gonna bite.

One thing to note first off is that not everyone who is gay has HIV. We must all assume that everyone is HIV+ positive and protect ourselves accordingly.

Now back to the drama. Terri is clearly bitter, broken, and pissed off. But is this real? Or an elborate publicity stunt to try and drive fire and fule back into her career which is on the rocks. But she could have handled herself a little bit better. She was like a crazy and ghetto chick. All that drama and extraness on the TV with Lady Oprah was just not necessary. We know you are mad but damn this is the most bleeps I’ve heard on Oprah ever!

But what’s going on? I think they are just good girlfriends now. They can go shopping together, share make-up tips, and talk about the men they are dating.

Our greasy tip to Terri is:

It’s all about GRACE! Don’t go on TV looking like a 50 year old ghetto drug using bitch. Calm the fuck down and act like your over it. You are in pain and you need to really take some time off to heal.
Cause it’s written all over your face and your body language. And until you let go of the pain then your going to always live your life as a bitter and angry black woman. But is that bitterness or drug usage? Hummm…that might be a topic for another Oprah show and your next book.

Side note for Oprah:

That hair is ugly! And good for you buying the film rights to the book. This was such a good promotional event.

What did the message boards have to say?

Artie’s Party:
LilRedd: dang…is she drunk????
Mischa: I have so many issues with this BS. I will repeat what I wrote on another board about it.I have so many issues with this. So many. As someone that is divorced, I can say that even in the most amicable splits, there has to be some point where you just let that go. I have no doubt in my mind that Oprah paid big money and gave a lot of incentive for both of them to come on her show. However, I don’t think this is the type of situation that needs any more media attention. It makes everyone involved looked bad – Oprah included. Why sensationalize a situation like this?

I have always suspected that Oprah was really gay herself with her lover Gail and that Stedman is really her beard – with his own sexuality called into question numerious times – anyone remember the barber incident? I do.

Terry McMillian has always come off to me as very bitter controlling black woman. I believe that the only type of man that she could ever have is someone who she could rule and control. The fact that he was 20 when she met him and totally without finances, showed me that she saw a situation where she could have some emotions and still yield control. She controlled that situation, she supported him and I am not surpised at all that this man is truly gay. She is the type of woman that would hand a man his balls on a platter, tell me how a very mature centered black man is going to allow Terry that kind of power. Women like her I don’t believe can actually have a true equal partnership.

It is over now. And they all should have learned from this situation. Sitting on television revisiting something like this, just makes it worse. Like my granny used to say “Messing in old shit, just makes it smell worse.”

  • (Anonymous)
    November 9, 2005

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  • (Anonymous)
    November 9, 2005

    Yes, she was wrong, but human. He was foolish, but human. But to ask for money, after cheating. Look, I don’t care how young the fag was,he knew that he was wrong for cheating. Be a f****** man and just leave the chick- with his brand-spanking new green card-and jet. He’s been whining so hot-damn much! Jesus!
    Now, they’ve reached an agreement or else the dummy wouldn’t have agreed to make an ass of himself on national tv.
    Hell, if all bro’s weren’t screwing up or others so dang on much, maybe the sista wouldn’t have been so bitter. It’s easy to be bitter when there is so much rotten-assed fruit around.

  • (Sneaker15)
    November 9, 2005

    But if I’m going to be bitter I’m not going to go on Oprah and show it all to America. I’m going to show people that yeah some fucked up shit happened to me but I’m healing and I’m mvoing on from it. I’m not gonna go up on there twist my neck around and act just how everyone wanted me to act or in other terms… act “Ghetto.” And it seemed to much like a promotional for un upcoming Oprah movie production. Oprah is the master of media.

  • (DivaGirl)
    November 10, 2005

    This is hilarious! All my friends are blogging about it too. She needs to take it from Whitney – CRACK IS WHACK.

  • (Anonymous)
    November 10, 2005

    Cause crack is cheap

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