Naomi and Tyra Kiss

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Catwalk rivals Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks have ended a 14 year battle against each other. When Tyra was on the news a few months ago doing promotionals for the launch of her talk show she hinted at her fued with Naomi. Tyra stated that Namoi tried to have her block from jobs and that there was constant tension between the two. But this weeks Victoria’s Secret fashion show marked the end of the cat fighting. Insiders say the beauties agreed that their handlers had pitted them against each other because they were two of the few black stars in the business.
Naomi has agreed to appear on the Tyra Banks show to discuss their fued and to settle it once and for all in a national setting.

Fuck that! We want to see them battle it in the first ever Victora’s Secret’s Mud Wrestling. Winner get to be the super model of the world and the loser has to wear clothes from Sears for a year.

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