“Why Did I Get Married?” Takes #1 Spot…Janet Jackson Rocks!

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I saw Why did I get married at a fully sold out evening show in Harlem. The Magic Johnson theater has been packed all weekend with droves of families going to see Tyler Perry’s latest movie. Many in the industry doubted that he could pull of another successful movie esp. without Meada in the movie. But Why Did I Get Married is his best film to date. The story is smart and intelligent with tons of laughs and tear jerking moments.

This is also Janet Jackson’s finest acting hour. Janet Jackson was a breath of fresh air in the movie and she gave a performance to rival any popular Hollywood actress. Janet plays a Dr. and author who is dealing with the loss of her son while trying to keep her life together. In a moment that isn’t to be forgotten Janet puts the whole audience in tears has she and Melik Yoba come to terms with the death of their child. This could be the turning point for people to take Janet as a serious actress.

Jill Scott also gives a noteworthy performance. This is the first time I’ve seen her perform and she has potential. But all in all this was Tyler Perry’s best movie ever and I’m sure he just getting started. This is the kind of stuff I would like to see more of. Intelligent Black men and women and real stories.

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