Science goes Hip-Hop in 90 Schools

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Science classes are getting a trendy make over in 90 schools across the US. In an effort to make Science less of a bore. 90 schools in the U.S. and Canada will play host a science-oriented hip-hop show sponsored by NASA and Honeywell. The 45-minute-long “FMA Live!” concert is a combination of scientific presentations, stunts, lasers and explosions, backed up pounding bass and hip-hop beats. Actors will jump around on stage and try to make science fun and spark the interest of kids. “This is a crucial time in our nation’s history,” said Dr. Joyce Winterton, NASA assistant administrator for Education. “Tomorrow’s astronauts, scientists and engineers are sitting in today’s classrooms and it is critical that we use innovative techniques to increase and support their interest in the sciences, mathematics and related careers.”

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    October 27, 2009

    Interesting post. I have made a twitter post about this. Others no doubt will like it like I did.

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