Scary Celebrity Costume Idea #1: Whitney Houston out on the Town

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Halloween is this week and everyone wants the scariest costume. Well if you’re at a loss for ideas then why not poke fun at your favorite celebrity during their time of misfortune. Idea #1 is inspired by Whitney Houston during her days of craziness. We all remember those photos that hit the new of Whitney looking crazy going to the gas station of munchies and smokes. Well what was scarier then that? Turn that moment into your costume. All you need is a fake brown fur coat. You can easily find that at any Goodwill store. A big over sized purse, you can go to Target and get one for about 10. And you have to top it off with a messy brown wig and lots of jewelry.

But to truly get into the costume you need to say the ever classic line: “Crack is wack..Because crack is cheap.”

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  • paula
    November 9, 2007

    who said this was whitney? OF it is, so what? THat was years back. today is what counts, yesterday is gone, she looks better than a million dollars today. so stop trying to dig a hole for somebody’ because you or someone you love might fall in it. thank GOD the lady in the picture has clothes to wear and they look clean, thank God for that.And if she is not well, why do you want to make fun of her?what that make you ? you are sick in the head the worst way. because you are the kind that kicks a person when they are already down. LOOK AT Yourself you are much worst off. Good luck to you .get help.

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