Scary Celebrity Costume Idea #2: The All Powerful Oprah

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Continuing our series of Scary Celebrity Costume Ideas I bring you the all powerful OPRAH! To pull this look off you need to go to your closet and pull out a gown. IF you don’t have one go to the thrift store and get something that looks like you could wear it to a powerful dinner/ball. Then carry a few copies of O magazine around with you and don’t forget the Christine 007 wig from the hair store in the hood. Pair is off with some costume jewelery and your good to go. I really set this off even more you have to bring it like Oprah would on one of her famous holiday give-a-way shows. Carry with you a toy car and tell people that they have just won a new car! Of put a whole bunch of gifts in a red wagon and drag them around with you and tell people your Holiday Oprah with branded gifts for everyone!

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