Why we need T.I. and less T.I.P.

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As we have all heard T.I. was released and put on house arrest for a huge sum of $3 million. T.I. is facing up to 10 years of lock down on federal weapons charges. I just find is to hard to believe that someone so successful as T.I. could get himself so mixed up in this type of situation. If I where him now I’d keep a super low profile and pray to god that he can find a super lawyer to get him off of those charges. He better start recording as much music as possible so that if he has to go to prison he will have enough material for his label to produce a few albums. But I just find it tragic that our rap stars can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Hip-hop isn’t selling as well as it use to so we need people like T.I. out there to make Hip-hop as strong as possible. We can’t have all of our top shelf rapper in prison or dead. So we need T.I. We need his energy and his swagger cause he is what the south is about. It’s time to leave T.I.P. in the hood where he belongs and let the T.I. so many have come to love shine though.

  • ge'niya isom
    November 21, 2007

    wat it do u are so sexy and u iz tha best i also like yo song hurt u aint liyin love u t.i.

  • Jessie Zinn
    December 24, 2007

    shit i like u both ways i think T.I.P. is ooah so sexi but if it gunna cost yah then stick wit T.I. baby cuz i wud be so pissed… it aint even bout yah looks tho u ah inspriation.. tah me atleast..!

  • Charlie Stephens
    August 7, 2008

    Shit nigga T.I.P makes T.I. Ya heard mane

  • andrae
    October 18, 2008

    this image is right cuz

  • Buy to let mortgages
    April 23, 2009

    Very sad. It is getting quite common that talented and well known people are getting into trouble. It seems that they have everything one could wish for, but no, they can’t keep quiet. You are right he better be out and recording, rather than wasting his life behind bars.

  • kalyn
    October 11, 2010

    i love t.i. you cant take this man from his family like that they are always so uhhhhh about what big time rap stars do but never the losers. im sick of the news and the radio stations go to the south and see what its about. baby the king will live forever and you cant take his throne or his high crown. he has a place in my heart that no can fill when its empty there will never be another king like this man is was and WILL BE go south not the proper north!!!!!!!! king unleashed forever and if you disagree then idc go talk smack to yo self what im done!!!!! love you always t.i. my #1 ROLE MODEL

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