EZ Street: “Criminals Gone Wild?”

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I was talkin to my homeboy Ken Starr the other day. The conversation was basically about freestyle battles that turns into actual fights. We started talking about the infamous “stylin’ on you” joint and also the Salgion video when he punched one of the members of Mobb Deep and ran out the building. Then Ken stopped and started tell me about this new dvd comin’ out called “Criminals Gone Wild”. He was like “E, just look it up and tell me if you think its real or not”. So, I check it out and the 1st thought that comes to my mind is, “what the fuck are we doin?” This has to be a new low for us as black people in a whole. Now the reason why Isay that is, if I just wrote a article about this dvd, you would think I’m playin. You wouldn’t think a dvd this bad even existed. Most of us seen Ghetto Fights and Ghetto Fights is the wildest thing in the world. This goes above and beyond that. Basically, this how the dvd goes. I rob people for a living, the camera man is interviewing me about what I do. Now that don’t sound to bad cause you see that kind of stuff on msnbc and cnn all the time. But then I say, “ok see this nigga right here, imma rob him and you gonna film what’s goes down, that cool with you? Alrite cool”. Then I rob him for his truck, his money, and not only do I do that, I shoot him and kill him and its all on tape for your enjoyment. That what basically this dvd is. Its a hood dvd at that so don’t try to ban you local walmart cause you never find it there. I truly don’t think that none of the film on this movie is real and I have 2 reasons why. Number 1, everyone on this dvd would be in jail. Everyone face is shown, there using their own names and their being interviewed. All the police gotta do is find out where they are at and arrested them for whatever they did on the dvd. Number 2, who’s is dumb enough to have a camera man come with them to commit a crime. If I was gonna rob a bank you think I tell Mike to take pictures, hell no. I’m not doubting that none of these people on this dvd are crimnals or that they put in work to get that they need, but I am doubting that the crimes shown on this dvd are fake and that they paid hood niggas to make it look good. That may or may not be true, but that’s my honest opinion.

Until next time EZ Street

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  • broad street bully
    November 4, 2007

    fuck yo opinion

  • ron art
    December 16, 2007

    shit is partially fake

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