AMERICAN GANGSTER Will Not Be Available on iTunes?

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As Jay-Z releases his 10th studio album, one has to question why “AMERICAN GANGSTER Will Not Be Available on iTunes?” In a press release sent around today it says at the top in big letters that AMERICAN GANGSTER Will Not Be Available on iTunes. Several companies have pull content for sale via iTunes. But with album sales low and downloading high I would think they would want every possible avenue available to sell music. Why does the music industry think it’s smarter then everyone else?

The album will not be sold on iTunes to respect JAY-Z’s creative vision of
AMERICAN GANGSTER being experienced as a complete story.  “As movies are not
sold scene by scene, this collection will not be sold as individual singles,”
stated JAY-Z. The album is available in its entirety in traditional retail
stores as well as at, and

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