EZ Street: Best of Both Worlds Part 3? No, it’s O and Bow Wow

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Jay-Z and R. Kelly tried to do it twice and it half worked out, now its Bow Wow and Omarion turn. Yes, they are coming out with a album together called Face Off cause basically they must need money. I am not gonna hate on the young boys, but all I am saying is… I hope to hell, that this album is better than the album cover. This is the worst cover in the world since Birdman’s Number 1 Stunna cd?

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  • kandice
    December 7, 2007

    okayy..you said you wasnt gonna hate on them..now..see wat you said!!…ill restate what you said..im not gonna hate on them but all im gonna say is..i hope to hell the album is better then album cover..this is the worst album cover in the world since birdmanz number stunna cd…

    December 12, 2007

    wtf man!….this is a wicked CD cover….cnt mess wiv tht man!….stop gettin jelous…atleast they gettin wht they want. they r where they were destined 2 be…and want 2 be. got wa they wanted..^o)

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