Just say no to Facebook Ads in Feeds.

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I fully understand that Facebook has to make money. But what FaceBook lacks is a community advocate. I joined FB because it was clean and I would only see 1 ad on a page and that’s how I want to keep it. I do not like the ads in my feed now and now they want to put more there. They should allow us to turn that feature off and see no advertising. Hell I’d pay them $5 a month for an ad free experience. I just use FB as a communication tool and I do not want to be marketed to. If I want a product then I’ll research it on Google and find what I want/need. First it was all of the silly apps and now they want to force marketing on us. No thanks Facebook…I’m officially in protest. I don’t want to see what my friends are buying. I don’t want to join a Facebook sponsored group unless they are going to give me free stuff. And $50K for a sponsored group is outrageous esp. when they won’t offer up any case studies on how the sponsored group has been beneficial. I’ve ran ads on Facebook and their performance is horrible. Maybe 2 clicks out of 300K impressions. That is a worthless campaign for me.

So Facebook I hope you hear the message from the community. Cause we don’t like it at all.

Join my Facebook group “No Ads in my Feed.” and protest Facebook’s lack of community awareness.

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