“Prince Fans United” Protest Prince

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Prince is losing fans left and right due to his rapid fire lawsuits. Prince stated last month that he is going on a war against downloaders and pirates. Many Prince fan sites have been served with lawsuits to take down any image of the singer, any lyrics, and anything liked to anything related to Prince or the face huge fines. Many of his fans have created fan run website dedicated to news and information about Prince. We have posted many articles about Prince and we know that he can’t make us take down news and info about him. So we will continue to cover Prince. But just like what happened to GG with Beyonce with will not be fooled or intimidated by legal action.

Prince, Beyonce and many other artist are getting free press to their music. The fan site and bloggers are giving these artist FREE PRESS without asking for anything in return. Prince needs to be very careful cause the power of the Internet and people’s ability to connect to each other quickly can turn fans into bitter enemies quickly. And word of mouth can seriously hurt an artist. career. Prince’s last album didn’t do that great so he should be working with his fan’s instead of against them.

“Prince Fans United” has already formed and is planning on taking on Prince as he spreads his anti freedom of express campaign across the net.

“We strongly believe that such actions are in violation of … freedom of speech and should not be allowed,” said a statement from the three sites — www.housequake.com, www.princefams.com and www.prince.org.

Prince who is considered a pioneer and who won an award last year for changing the relationship between artist and fan is now seen as a hypocrite. As the law states artist images can be used for content that’s about an event, news story, or matter that has public interest. But the fans don’t want this to be a drag down knock out fight. They want peace with Prince and want him to reconsider his lawsuits.

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  • KT
    November 7, 2007

    Prince has done more than any other artist to stand up to the continual erosion of an artist’s rights to control the use and ownership of the artist’s works.

    The point you fail to realize is that while Prince has always been at the forefront of the war to cut out the middle man and putting music directly into the hands of the buying public, he has also advocated that the ARTIST should be the one to control it and profit from it.

    Thus….if he maintains an offiicial website, or if he releases a CD or video via that website, he is in control. When he performs in concert, he owns the broadcast rights.

    So when you take his music, likeness, works, etc., and create your own website or share music or burn bootlegs or otherwise illegally profit from his work, he’s not gaining anything from it and he has every right from both a legal and justified position.

    Do you think Wal Mart would give you a big hug if you stole a case of Sam’s Choice Sodas and gave them to a group of concert go-ers? Sure, it would be free advertisement for the brand…but you committed a theft.

    The issue isn’t Prince turning a pissy streak on his fans. It’s a matter of not being taken advantage of, whether it be the record company, the promoter, the marketing director, or the self-crowned cool person who decides to share unauthorized material with the masses.

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