MC Hammer’s Dance Jam is Almost Live

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Former Hip-Hop superstar MC Hammer is now in the Web 2.0 business with his site DanceJam. The site is created in a partnership with Geoffry Arone and Anthony Young who are the created of the social network browser Flock. DanceJam aims to be the online source for kids to learn how to dance. You can post videos of yourself dancing and watch others dance. The team has been on a cross country tour collecting footage of dancers doing just about everything. “Dance is part of the global culture and gives us a look back in time,” said MC Hammer, co-founder and chief strategy officer of DanceJam. “From the Nicholas Brothers, Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers, to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, dance has always defined eras. Dance is unlike any other social medium. It’s the core of our culture.”

You can visit the site at

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