RCRD LBL Offes DRM Free Music..Mos Def on board

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RCRD LBL is a new music blog, and music marketing agency where users can get DRM free music from artist signed on. The site earns money via ad-support. What this allows is for more fans to experience new artist music for free. By doing deal like this it help to exposue music to a new audience and help to gain new fans. Fans who will become loyal, buy your future cd’s, t-shirts, videos, but most of all attend your content. Getting people to your concert is the way artist are going to start making the bulk of their money. The record labels have been sucking artist dry for ages. Now it’s time for artist and fans to take music into their own hands.

E-marketer published a report yesterday stating that album sales will fall dramatically over the new 5 years. And if this is a sign record ables will have to conform or find new business models in order to have value.

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