Is the World Ready 4 Digital Books? Amazon Releases Kindle.

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Amazon has unleased Kindle to the world. It is a digital book reader and Amazon is better then it will change the way we read and view content on the go. Well maybe when it gets into color mode. Buy this device is ready to go head to head with Sony’s Reader device. I played around with one of the e-reader devices at B&B Book Store a few week ago. It was light weight and very cool, but I couldn’t see myself spending $400 on it. It’s cute but maybe when it’s smaller. But as for now everyone is banking on these E-readers and that digital books will be the next big time.
I’m sure Apple Inc. is going to come up with something that will kill all of these devices, and that as touch screen. Technology is cool but design is what sells it. But hey if Amazon market this well and cuts the price maybe it will sell. I can see all the Urban girls now reading “Mama Was a Ghetto Pimp” on their digital e-readers.

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