EZ Street: Baby is Locked Up on Marijuana Possession and his 18 Year Old wife???

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Bryan Williams, 38, his wife Brittany, 18, and his brother, Ronald Williams,
43, were each charged with possession of more than 1/2 ounce of
marijuana as were 13 others, several of whom are also affiliated with
the rap industry and Cash Money Records, which was founded by Bryan and
Ronald Williams. All 16 remained jailed late Tuesday night. It was
not known if any of them had an attorney. The Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms is assisting in the investigation because an
assault rifle, a handgun and a magazine for a .45-caliber handgun were
found in the RV.

Yea, same shit, different toilet in hip-hop. On a side note. Why is Birdman’s wife 18? Groupie love?

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  • david
    December 19, 2007

    same shit every where you only focus on hip hop

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