Kirk Franklin is ready to release “Fight of My Life” check out our Interview.

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Our homegirl Saba Kennedy-Washington, of GreasyGuide: Charlotte, NC is back and this time with a soul stirring interview with Gospel mega star Kirk Franklin. Mr Franklin is one of the most successful Gospel artist of all time. And he has made it hip to praise the lord. Read below to see what he had to say and check out his new album Forthcoming album “Fight of My Life” in stores 12/18.

Saba, Ink: So, how do you describe yourself? You’re obviously not just an Artist, not just a Producer or a Preacher. There are many things that make up 100% Kirk Franklin and you can’t divide yourself up, but how would you describe Kirk Franklin?

KF: To be honest, I don’t think I would. I’d just let y’all do it. I’d sit back and just let you all do y’alls thing.

Saba,Ink: (laughing) because your obviously not just one person. So, as you look back at your life and experiences, has there been or is there one defining moment in your life that really catapulted you in the direction you are in now?

KF: Umm..that’s a great question because there have been so many moments that have shaped my philosophies, my faith, my life with Christ . One was getting married, one was meeting a great man by the name of Tony Evans in Dallas Texas who has mentored me and taught me how to live a very humble life. One was when my friend got shot and killed when I was 15, there have been a lot of profound moments that make up who I am and who I want to be.

Saba,Ink: Do you see any of your children moving into the direction you’re in? Anyone into singing?

KF: You know, I don’t really know yet. They are all so much into sports right now. But one thing I want my kids to know is that they don’t have to do what I do for me to have love in my heart for them. I just love them because they are my kids, so we’ll see.

Saba, Ink: I’m sure there are days when you wake up and are just not feeling it. So, what do you do fuel the energy? Do you meditate, exercise, what?

KF: No, not really. There are times when I’m running late and have to take the kids to school or something. What I do is just in my DNA. Even if I’m not feeling it, it is my calling and I somehow find the motivation to do it.

Saba,Ink: So, as you are getting ready to promote the new album which happens to be beautiful by the way, what are some plans?

KF: I’m just sort of seeing what comes up. We’ll see..

Saba, Ink: What, no Kirk Franklin clothing line, cologne or anything?

KF: Naw, I think everybody’s got so much of that going on. There’s a lot of that ain’t it? (laughing)

Saba,Ink: (laughing) I know right. So, I think you have a non-profit initiative, any work with that?

KF: Yes, we do a lot of work with the Children’s Defense Fund and will continue to do a lot more of that. I’ll just continue to be salt and light and be down in the valley with the people.

Thanks Kirk for speaking with the and check out all of his sites below and look for his new album,

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