The Sheila Files: R. Kelly Tour Being Protested, “Protest Against Pedophiles,” held on Dec. 14 in Inglewood

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When R. Kell and the Double UP tour rolls into LA he will met a crowd of church protesters. The protesters plan a candlelight protest and are questioning The Forum, a church in Ingelwood, CA, allowing an accused child pornographer to perform. The church is ran by Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer. R. Kelly is currently facing 14 federal counts of child molestation. Why is the church not giving aid and comfort to the victims of sexual assaults?” asks activist Najee Ali of Project Islamic HOPE in a statement. “How can the church allow R. Kelly to perform on Friday night, have service on Sunday morning and believe all is well? The message the church is sending to young children is that money is more important than taking a stand in support of victims who have been victimized by R. Kelly and other child molesters.”

The candlelight vigil, titled the “Protest Against Pedophiles,” will begin at 5 p.m. Friday (Dec. 14) outside of The Forum, located at 3900 W. Manchester Blvd. in Inglewood. But this case really needs to be put to rest. Either he did it or he didn’t Just ask BET to give up the “How I’m Living” tape and tour of R. Kelly’s home and try to match it to the tape that was on the streets. if they don’t match then drop this case so people can heal and move on.

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