Check out Mickey Factz “Heaven’s Fallout” mixtape..Electro-Hop

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Click here to download the mixtape.

This has a very Hip-Hop mixed with eletronica. It’s like Bjork did some more Hip-hop tracks this is what you might come up with.

Some info on Mickey Factz

From the city streets of
the metropolis of the world, when asked if he’ll be bringing New York
hip-hop back he simply replies, “Why bring it back, when I can move it
forward.” This progression forward, the evolution of the music is what
he embodies, and the cultural embodiment of that movement is what he is
the voice of; GFCnewyork. 

in the Bronx, the birthplace of hip-hop, Mickey Factz was exposed to
music at an early age. As a child his father would rap to him, till
soon enough he would start reciting his own rhymes. Mickey would watch
music videos, studying the performances of his favorite artists. At the
early age of 8, this combination would lead a child of music into a
love affair with hip-hop that continues to thrive till this day. 

hip-hop has culturally evolved from it’s original days, of the b-boys
to that of the d-boys and so forth. Mickey Factz has been steadily
crafting what he’s coined as “Uber” music. When asked what “Uber” music
is, he gestures at the sky and says, “undeniable global music…I don’t
care where in the world you are, you’re rockin’ to this shit.” To him
hip-hop music in it’s truest essence is about being able to rock out on
any track like the forefathers did and currently that lack there of in
the genre is what’s stagnating its growth. “The music my generation and
younger are listening to has expanded beyond funk and soul, we’re
listening to rock, electronic, house and so forth. I’m always going to
be clever with the wordplay and lyrics, but very few rappers can do
that on a Royskopp record. That’s the lane I ride in. I’m going to do
me, and trust, you’ll love me for it.”

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