Can Lupe Fiasco Change the World? Or will “The Cool” sell less then 100K?

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I was up last night listening to Lupe Fiasco’s song “Dumb it Down” and I hear his message loud and clear. I agree that his last album was good and that he should have had more promotion. I also agree that he is very talented and could take Hip-Hop to new places. But my main question is can he change the music industry? With layoff left and right and budgets going to pop acts and less focus on Hip-hop promotion I feel that Lupe’s “The Cool” that will be released tomorrow might suffer from the same fate of the first album. Food and Liquor only sold 80K it’s first week out. And now during a time when albums sells make or brake an artist he needs to sell over 100K in order to see the light of day of another album.

But here is the bigger question? If you are talented…then why are you depending on the record label to do everything for you? If you have the talent and the skills then don’t leave your career in the hands of publicist and A&R reps that might not care if you have a hit album or not. Cause they will move on to the next project and you will be left only selling 80K your first week out and your future making music in jeopardy. Take your career in your own hands, market yourself, use whatever money you have to build your studio and online presence and make it happen for yourself. Hip-hop has to come out of the hands of the corporations.

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