Fantasia Beting Scouted to Play Tina Turner in “Simply The Best” Musical

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Tina Turner has finished a draft of her new musical called “Simply the Best.” Tina held a super secret reading of the play in London a few months back. But now she is ready to move the production of the play forward. The musical will follow her rise to fame and will feature all of her classic songs. Recently a casting director was in the audience of “The Color Purple” and was scouting Fantasia as a possible candidate to play Tina Turner. However Fantasia might be out for the count as rumor has it that she is pregnant with rapper Young Dro’s baby. The scout stated that Fantasia might not be sexy enough to pull the look of Tina Turner but he was impressed with her acting ability and singing talent.

The NY Post also had this to say:

Simply the Best” – which closely mirrors the
structure followed in Tina’s autobiographical film “What’s Love Got to
Do With It” – takes a curious turn when the setting shifts to Ancient

       According to the Post,
“Tina believes she’s the reincarnation of Hatshepsut, whose reign from
1479 to 1458 B.C. was prosperous and peaceful. Hatshepsut prevented her
evil stepson, Thutmose III (that’s Ike), from assuming the throne
(though he seized it when she died).  The Egyptian queen
watches over Tina. When Ike pulls a gun on Tina, Hatshepsut shields her
and the gun ‘leaps’ out of Ike’s hand (special effects!).”

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