Cool Christmas Gifts for the Hip-Hop Lover

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The Holidays are here and it’s that time to shop until you drop. But there are often times people on your gift giving list that are hard to shop for. Fans of Hip-Hop can often be hard to shop for as the music if often changing. So the list below is a guide some of the hottest gift for the holiday season for the Hip-Hop lover in your family.

1. USB Mixtape
Price: $13
Buy from:

It’s old school meets new school with the USB Mixtape. Load the USB up with 10 songs, label it, and send it off to that Hip-Hop lover in your family. The old school Hip-Hop head will flip over the throw back to before MP3s when the blank cassette tape was a b-boys friend. They can stick the USB into their computer and start jamming to the sounds.

2. iPod Boom Box
Price: $37.99
Buy from:

Show off your booming system with the cool as hell iPod boom box. This boom box is made out of cardboard and you can flatten in down for easy transportation. But once you get to your destination you can un-fold it, plug in your iPod, and your good to go with jams. The speaker system just needs 2 AA batteries and you’re good to go.

3. USB Turntable
Price: $130
Buy From:

If you have an aspiring digital DJ in your family then the USB turntable is a must have. This sleek and stylish turntable hooks right into your computer. You can play records from it and you can transfer the music on the record to your computer. You won’t have to carry all those creates of records to your DJ gig anymore. You can get a big 250 gig hard drive and have all the music you want and jam all night.

4. $100 iTunes Gift Card
Price: $100
Buy From: Any drug store or online at

A Hip-Hop fan has got to have the latest jams. And iTunes is the best place for a music lover to get the best music. The iTunes gift card can be brought in several different amounts but if you want to get your Hip-Hop fan at least 10 albums the $100 gift card is the best way to go.

5. DJ Lessons from
Price: $105
Buy From:

If you got your Hip-Hop fan the turntable then why not go a step further and get them a private DJ lesson from the Scratch Academy in New York. The one hour lesson teaches you the ins and outs of the turn table, how to scratch, and how to get started in rocking the party. Lessons are customized for each student depending on their level of skill. But the DJ’s are so nice and super experience that you will learn a ton from your one hour session.

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