Fantasia is Not Pregnant; Zonya Love to take over Miss Celie Role on Jan. 7th.

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Rumors of Fantasia being pregnant have been confirmed to be false. Several bloggers had posted that she was pregnant but in a statement release yesterday she expressed that she was not. “Fantasia is not pregnant and the Internet rumors are entirely untrue,” Barrino’s publicist told Us Meanwhile actress Zonya Love will take over the role of Miss Celie once Fantasia leaves the place. Chaka Khan and Bebe Winans will join the cast of the play starting Jan. 9th. American Idol contestant Lekisha Jones has been bumped up to play Sofia during matiness performances starting Jan. 9th.

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  • Pamela
    January 2, 2008

    i would like to know why fantasia is not playing the part miss celie and this person name zonya love why is she going to play that part

  • Nate
    January 10, 2008

    I saw the show on last night (Jan. 9th) and I must say, “this person” Zonya Love is the real deal. A true talent with power, passion and clarity in her singing and acting. Give her a chance. She’s really good.

  • Bob
    January 20, 2008

    I saw Zonya Love. DAZZLIN!! A little powerhouse! Reminded me of WHOPPI. A great voice and actress.

  • Aun'Jelika
    March 8, 2008

    I think that Fantasia is doing a fabulous job with the color purple no matter what other people think of her. I think they should stop spreading rumors about her if it’s not true and even if it was that’s her buisness anyway’s. your number 1 fan.

  • Aun'Jelika
    March 8, 2008

    I think they should leave fantasia barrino alone and mind there on buisness and stay out of hers.By the way you are doing good in the color purple. Number 1 fan Aun’Jelika Buchanan 13 years old.

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