Hottest Songs of 2007 – It’s Britney Bitch!

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The year is almost over and now it’s time for a whole bunch of re-cap list of what was hot and what was not. So to kick it off we start with our Hot Songs of 2007 List. This was a hard list to come up with cause most of the music that came out this year sucked. But there where a handful of gems that we want to note.

1. Amy Winehouse – All the songs on her album “Back to Black”

Even though Amy is a drunken whore we forgive her because her album was THE TRUTH for 2007. I mean if there wasn’t anything else to listen to during 2007, Amy Winehouse filled that void. Her songs her rich and deep and have a retro feel but feel current and up to date. And the industry agrees cause he captured several Grammy nominations and has already received countless awards overseas. Hopefully she can keep it together to accept the awards she will win at the 2008 Grammy’s. But we all love our drunken fools to give Amy several cocktails before the show and watch the magic happen.

2. J*Davey – “Mr. Mister”

J*Davey is on the come up but I’m loving them so much. The duo of Brooke and Jack are still working out the kinks on their first album but if it sounds as good as “Mr. Mister” then I’m sure it’s going to be a big hit in 2008. Jack Davey will be the style icon of 2008 mark my words. She takes it a step further then Kelis.

3. Rihanna -“Umbrella”

This was my total jam for 2007. There is not a person who doesn’t know the words to “Umbrella” front to back. And this also get my vote for best video 2007. Rihanna showed the other chicks in the game that you don’t have to be a Beyonce clone in order to have a hit. Rihanna is the official poster girl for Black Girls Rule!

4. Britney Spears – “Gimmie More”

It’s Britney Bitch! The open line of Britney’s “Gimme More” says it all. She might have had the WORST year of publicity but homegirl kicked ass with “Gimme More.” But I think Britney after all she has been through in 2007 needs a re-do of her MTV performance. We should all give her a second chance to get it right and get her career back on track.

5. Ciara – “My Love”

Ciara came back on the music charts with the hottest and sexiest video of 2007. When I first saw the video for “My Love” I was totally shocked and impressed that Ciara with finally showing us what she could really do. She proved that she just wasn’t another cookie cutter artist, even though she copies Janet to much in her performance. But we will give the girls props for some slammin baby makin’ music in 2007.

6. Kanye West – “Stronger”

Kayne continues to be the only male artist capable of taking his music to new levels. Kayne’s sound and words are always fresh, new, and exciting. Kayne will have a long career in this business because he willing to take risk, to explore all forms of music, and to collaborate with artist outside of his genre of music. Other artist are stuck in 3 years ago while Kanye is moving the music forward and beyond.

7. Fantasia – “When I See You”

I have to give this the most played song in the hood award. I couldn’t go anywhere in Harlem without hearing this song for like 3 months straight.  Fantasia is still out there doing her thing even after many American Idol winners and losers have fallen off. She has proved that she was destined for greatness.

8. Raheem DeVaughn – “Woman”

It’s good that I can add a CD native to this list. His single “Woman” is getting some play. While it might not put him over the top into a new level of success we are glad that he has a descent single to put out there in the mix.

9. Alicia Keys – “Wreckless Love”

I’m not the biggest Alicia Keys fan but her song “Wreckless Love” on her new album is just to good not to talk about. It has that old school feel that sounds very modern and fresh. She totally kills this track on the album and I hope it’s her next single.

10. Janet Jackson – “Feedback”

We know this is an end of the year song and will carry over into 2008. But the song is just to hot! We can’t wait for the video to hit. Janet is back in 2008.

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