Is the Raz B/Ricky Romance Drama all a sick and twisted Marketing Game?

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Here is my alternative analysis of what could also be going on with the Chris Stokes vs Raz B and Ricky Romance drama. Now I was reading an article today about Secret Websites and Coded Messages. And I was thinking about how bizarre the Raz B and Ricky Romance videos are. They seemed pieced together and dis-jointed. But also there are numbers, letters, beeps, and images that could all be part of an elaborate marketing schemed fueled to help promote some Raz B album that no one really cares about. IF you watch part 2 of the video there are 4 sequential beeps, then a gold 5, and 6 window panes that blast over while Raz B is talking about him being 14 years old which he states twice. 4-5-6-14-14 could be some code used to unlock a hidden website, or a password to a site that users might have to find. This whole thing is just to weird and strange to me. But after reading the article in Wired and looking at the videos again there are some strange things that look very similar to some of the marketing/gaming techniques being used now.

Whatever is going is they need to figure it out and settle it quickly because all these rumors going on are very disturbing. IF this is some marketing ploy it is extremely done in poor taste.

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