The Fall of Urban Music

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Save the music Kanye…you are the only ray of hope.

Hip-Hop and R&B music is in a crisis state. While there have been some breakthroughs and golden moments of 2007 Hip-Hop and R&B music is at an all time low selling point. The top Hip-Hop album of 2007 was Kanye West’s “Graduation” and Akon’s “Konvicted” was th top selling R&B album. However, both albums combined do not even touch the sells from American Idol’s Chris Daughtry, and the High School Musical 2 soundtrack. Hip-Hop labels and departments have been slimming down a lot. Layoffs are coming left and right and no one is safe. Kayne West is the only ray of hope in the Hip-Hop game. He’s the only one who continues to have original music and a sound that crosses over.

So what does Hip-Hop and R&B music need to do? Here are my suggestions:

1. It’s time for an Evolution: The Hip-Hop sound today is to generic and you can’t tell one song from another. It’s time for some serious innovation and creativity to come back to the  music. Everything I hear that’s new sounds the same. People want the music to grow and it seems like the music has been stuck in the same sound.

2. Time for people to RETIRE – There are of a ton of artist that need to retire for good. I would like to see Jay-Z retire for real and mentor a new breed of musicians and artist and get the young, fresh, and new crew up and running and help them lead the music to a new level.

3. Kill the Record Labels – Record labels are to blame for part of the low album sells from R&B and Hip-Hop artist. The PR rep’s have been doing a piss poor job in marketing. It’s time for artist to cut the middle man out and bring Hip-Hop back to the people that love it the most.

4. Team Work – It R&B and Hip-Hop acts want to get back on the charts in a big way they all need to work together. The 50 Cent/Kanye fake beef was an excellent marketing job and a great way to sell records. I think 50 needs to team other artist about how to market and sell music cause it’s really worked for him.

Until Hip-Hop and R&B gets it’s act together we will be seeing less and less Hip-Hop albums making noise. R&B would be dead by now if it had not piggy backed on Hip-Hop music. It’s time for the artist to struggle and work and make it happen or the music is going to be taken over by the likes of Amy Winehouse and British soul artist who currently have the hearts of the people cause the British soul music sound is so pure.

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