Interview with Ricky Romance…Negro Shut Up!

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Now ( visit their site for the full audio) has a seriously strange interview with Ricky Romance that they have posted up. The interview is filled with contradictions, a phone call disconnection, and Ricky cuts the interview short. He provides no new information into this case. If he where smarter he would stop talking all together cause he doesn’t seem to have his story straight. At this point he should not be talking to any press cause all of this will be used against them if this case ever goes to trial.

This is why he should only talk through a lawyer:

Bossip: OK. How long has Chris Stokes engaged in the molestation of your brother?

Ricky: Well, how long has Chris Stokes been engaging in the molesting of all of the artists over there at TUG?

Bossip: Yes you can say that but we would also like to know, from your knowledge as well, the situation with your brother?

Ricky: Uhh ok. Well you know, I mean, it’s been going on since Raz was 11.

Bossip: Since he was 11?

Ricky: From the time he was 11 to about the time to about the time he was like 16.

Bossip: Ok. Why did you wait so long to come forward?

Ricky: Well actually, my brother just told me. I didn’t find until 3 weeks ago. We were actually just at my mom’s house. We were hanging out, you know. And he told me. And when he told me, I realized that I had-

Bossip: That you had what?
(Dial Tone)

Bossip: I’m on the phone with Ricky Romance, the brother of Raz-B.

Ricky: Yes.

Bossip. Ok. Why did you guys wait so long to come forward?

Ricky: Actually my brother just told me. He had to feel confident in himself to be able to tell me.

Bossip: And how long ago did he tell you?

Ricky: About three weeks ago. You know it was just something that I had to just step forward and handle. Like, that’s my little brother I didn’t protect him. I should have protected him. I know some crazy shit was going on over there, but I couldn’t figure the shit out, you know. And I should have protected my brother. You know. And I didn’t you, know what I mean.?

And he’s a man, You know he has a son. You know what I mean? And he wouldn’t want something like that to happen to his son. So I’m just being the big brother and I’m protecting him. First. You know?

Like I said his situation was a lot more graphical. My situation is more on the surface.

Bossip: Ok.

Ricky: But we were both molested by Chris Stokes. And he’s sick. And I wish we would have just been family. You know, it hurts my feelings to have to talk to him and to have to go through all of these different situations and conversations just to try to get a resolution. There ain’t no resolution. The resolution is the DA needs to pick up this case and it needs to be handled.

Bossip: Ok. Why haven’t you guys reported this to the authorities?

Well, as you know the apology video is out there. Everyone knows about that. Reason why we have the apology video is because… you know. You know what? We gonna have to cut this interview.

Ok all jokes aside…if you where molested and you are 20-something now why are you not working with the police now to have your molester behind bars. Why would you even want to associate, talk to, look at, go to the movies with, or have lunch with your molester? If he did this to your brother why haven’t you did everything to get the police involved, a search warrant issued to have Chris Stokes house searched for child porn, and have his ass sent to jail?

These interview and pieces of information are all damaging. This is not how a molestation case should be handled. If anyone is reading this and you have been molested please take the time to contact your local authorities and have them deal with the attacker.

Call 1-866-For Light or 1-8667-367-5444 for the Darkness to Light National Helpline and they will lead you to the correct people to speak with and contact. has a list of resources nationally and locally that you can use to find help.

ChildHelp USA National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-422-4453.

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