Raz B vs Chris Stokes Update: Videos Removed from YouTube

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Watch the clip now before it’s gone from YouTube.

Hummm…some body’s legal team is working to the bone. The Clips of Raz B and Ricky Romance accusing Chris Stokes of Child molestation at the ages of 11 and 12 have been removed from Youtube. If you find a blog with the embed the video no longer plays. Hummm…interesting!

If you’ve been following this you will know that Ricky Romance spoke out yesterday on the radio stating that Raz B was threated into making the retraction statement. In the video you can clearly see that he’s reading from something. Raz B was missing for 48 hours according to Ricky Romance but Raz B has re-surfaced. Reports also show that the Bloods might have gotten involved with this and gave Raz B a big scare.

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  • Christiana S.
    January 1, 2008

    This is all crazy Chris just needs to confess it let all this s*** go. This stuff started over ten years ago, why is it just reached the surface now?

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