10 Things Urban Bloggers Must Do to Survive Beyond 2008

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When I started blogging almost 3 years ago, never would I have imagined the landscape that the Internet has become. The net has become a huge money maker for some. Launched the careers of Perez Hilton and the likes. But where is the urban blogosphere and online communities? Where are the big deals for us? We need to set our game up big time!!!

While most of the sites have some descent content I can’t help but notice that the urban Internet sites are mostly urban gossips link site posting the same thing. I often hate visiting Cake and Ice Cream, the Concreetloop, then Bossip, and seeing the same content. It’s like the urban Internet has become messed into one huge site with everyone covering the same topics. I rarely see any political commentary, any original content, or even some original analysis of a situation. Like when the B2K story hit last month there where only a few post on the net that did any analysis of the situation. They just posted about it and moved on. Bossip.com did make an attempt to do some original reporting. But Ricky Romance wasn’t really in the mode to talk. But at least they tried. Even us here at GreasyGuide.com in covering the urban Internet have lacked original analysis in some of our stories.

Going forward we’ve see Perez Hilton, LG15, and a ton of other Web Stars get deals, contracts, reality TV shows, but where are the urban deal? I don’t see BET signing up Bossip.com for exclusive blogging and content. I don’t see TV One tapping the Chocolate Rain dude for his own TV show. So where are we?

I’m writing this as a notice and warning to all Urban bloggers that now is the time to step our game up. Find a true and unique voice for your site. If you want to talk about an artist provide some original analysis of the situation and don’t just repeat what you saw on CNN. In order for us to survive and more forward in 2008 and beyond we have to:

1. Become your own lil’ media empires.
2. Own your content. If you have a blog on Blogger.com now is the time to move your content over to your own URL. Your blog is worthless being attached to blogger.com.
3. Network and link up with other bloggers.
4. Link back to other urban bloggers. Page rank is important to Google ranking and getting more traffic on your site.
5. Set up a 5 year goal. Do you wanna be just another blog or do you want to be a business?
6. Don’t be a business of one. Get other people writing for you.
7. Make marketing and branding of your site GOAL #1. If you don’t have a brand you don’t have a business. If no one knows about you then you might as well go and work at McDonalds.
8. Video! If your not expanding your brand out to video then that McDonalds job application needs to be filled out now.
9. SEO, do you even know what that is? If your not writing your blog post for search then shut down your site and sell it to me for $1.
10. What are you doing to move the urban blogosphere forward?????

Or as Spike Lee put it so well in the final scene of School Daze…WAKE UP!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

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