What Could an Apple & Jay-Z Partnership Mean

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Rumors are running wild today that Jay-Z might join the staff of Apple Inc. and head up their new Apple Record label. This would give Jay-Z full control over who’s music gets sold but also would give users instant access to music from the artist on the label. They wouldn’t have to wait for CD’s to be pressed and packaged they could instantly launch an album or EP or video via iTunes and users could download and have new music instantly.

What’s even better is that we will probably see a Jay-Z branded iPod and iPhone very soon. MacWorld 08 is a few weeks away and I’m sure that if this partnership is on the up and up Jay-Z will be there and a Jay-Z branded iPod will be on hand. If Jay-Z can prove the business model to work for selling music, artist promotion, and ultimately making money this would be the FINAL nail in the music industry coffin. Record labels would be forced to give up their current models and go back to iTunes. The music industry has hated iTunes because they can not get a cut of the iPod sells. But with a 21% drop in music sales the music industry has no choice but to take on a new business model or fall to the waste side.

We fully support whatever Jay-Z has cooking up with Apple Inc. It’s time for the music industry change in a big way.


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