Cheri Dennis Needs a Stylist BAD!!

By Saturday, January 5, 2008 0 No tags Permalink 0

So I was listening to the radio and Cheri Dennis’ single, Portrait of Love, comes on. So I’m like “oh I haven’t see this video, let me look it up.” So I hit up YouTube and find the video. And damn it if Cheri Dennis don’t look a hot mess in that gold dress. The hair cut is all wrong and they are trying to sex her up to much. I like the wholesome clean cut Cheri Dennis. We don’t have a wholesome Black girl out right now, all we have is a bunch of Ho-somes trying to catch up to Beyonce. I think Cheri Dennis could do a lot more if she toned down her look and just had fun. She does not need to sex it up. She is not that bad looking of a girl and she would at least appeal to a broad audience. Her sexing it up just makes her look a fool.

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