Bill Gates Makes His Last CES Keynote Address

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Today in Las Vegas at the CES 2008 founder and CEO of Microsoft made his final keynote to the public. Bill Gates has changed the world and has help to usher in the digital age. During 2008 he will fully step down from his full time position as Microsoft and will focus on his non-profit organization.

Tons of business and music industry pros paid homage to Bill Gates in a video montage. Bono, Hilliary Clinton, Barak Obama, George Clooney, and many where join Bill in a fun video which paid tribute to the man who changed the world with Microsoft. During his keynote address he talked about the evolution of Microsoft and that there are current 100 million users of Vista and that Microsoft will be more user centric with their software for the future.

Connected integration is the name of the game. Microsoft wants to create the ability for users to see all of their digital lifestyles over the usage of all programs. Vista, Windows Mobile, and Microsoft Live now all talk to each other. One Login ID for everything.

Windows Surface looks AWESOME!!!! Bill designed his own snowboard using the Windows Surface technology instantly. Las Vegas will probably be the first to start using Windows Surface for gaming.

On the Zune front Microsoft and Ford have teamed up. So they have created Zune SYNC which syncs your contacts and music into your car via voice command.

The big M also showed some new technology in which the phone will be able to see places and show you things relevant to your life.

So towards of the end of the keynote Slash of Guns and Roses/Velvet Revolver fame come out and did a lil guitar hero.

Microsoft and NBC have inked a partnership to stream the Olympics via Silverlight. You will be able to go online and use Silverlight to see live coverage of the Olympics. So in Aug. 2008 you will be able to experience 3000 hours of Olympic coverage.

17.7 mil. Xbox 360 sold. 3.5 billion in sales. Xbox 360 is make more money then any other console out there. 10 mil. members are using Xbox 360. Xbox Live will get new content from Disney and NBC. Hanna Montanna and Desperate Houseviews on your Xbox. MGM will also put all of it’s movies on Xbox Live as well. Thus making it one of the largest sources for video content.

So from this keynote it looks like Microsoft has really achieve it’s goal of being the settop of choice in homes. The have totally achieve where Apple Inc. failed with Apple TV.


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