CES 2008 in Las Vegas: Cool Gadgets

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If your a tech head like them then you are glued to the computer to check out what’s hot from CES. CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show and it takes place in Las Vegas during Jan. This is where the tech industry gathers to show off the exciting new gadgets coming out in 2008. And this year promises to be a banner year for wireless devices and Internet capable devices.

So what’s Hot so far?

1. Logitech’s diNovo Mini – The super cool mini keyboard which you can use to control your Windows Media Center or your PS3.

2. Wowwee’s new robots – Bigger badder robots that do even more cool stuff. Can you say big sellers for Christmas 2008!

3. Mobile internet device from Lenovo, umm…I want this!!!

4. Blu Ray kills HD-DVD…it was all marketing!

5. iRiver’s P10 Personal Media Player….this thing is sexy as hell. They are showing if off at CES but I want to get my hands on one of these now!!!


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