The Demise of MTV

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MTV used to be important for upcoming musicians, now its become irrelevant. MTV has become a waste land of bad TV shows, no music videos, and lame award shows.

read the story from Island music here |

I found this story today on and it rings very true. MTV was once what everyone looked to for what’s cool. Now I can barely stand to watch anything on MTV. The shows all suck! They don’t play music video anymore at all. And TRL is just one big joke of a show. MTV is suing YouTube because they are pissed that they Internet has turned everyone away from television. But who’s fault is it really? How many more episodes of Real World can we bare to watch? How many more dumb reality shows can MTV turn out.

MTV use to be what was hot, fresh, and current. But now it’s noting more then a bunch of boring ass TV shows and even more boring Awards shows, and even more boring websites. MTV has a long way to go to get back the attention of the youth. But at this point I think MTV is DONE!

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