Ice Cube and DJ Pooh Launch Online Hip-Hop TV = Sucky User Experience

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Earlier this week we talked about Microsoft and their plans to use Silverlight 1.0 to stream events from the Olympics. Well now Hip-Hop icons Ice Cube and DJ Pooh have invested in what will be the future of online video. Using the Silverlight 1.0 technology ice Cube and DJ Pooh along with other parther will launch launch of the world’s first real-time streaming television network online, (U View Network Television). Beyond real-time transmission (the first on the net) UVNTV’s channels are capable of full screen DVD quality resolution, Dolby surround sound and comes complete with a channel guide with video window.

“We are thrilled to work with Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, both whom have proven track records and have been at the forefront in music, film and television,” said John Case, general manager, Developer Division, Microsoft Corp. “We see UNVTV as a leading example of the changing landscape of how consumers experience entertainment, and how the industry is seeking new interactive platforms to better reach their target audiences. By using Silverlight, UVNTV will have the capabilities needed to take the user experience to another level.”

While this sounds like a good concept the user experience of the site is wack. I visited the site and found it difficult to get started. Then when using the video guide I couldn’t turn it off. Also this site looks very off the shelf. Like if I wanted to start my own site like this I could just pic some content and have it streaming on a loop. Site like these are cool at the beginning but tapper off as the month go on. .Without a real marketing push and good content I don’t see this making to much noise in the space.

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  • FritzTV
    November 15, 2008

    I tried it to, and think there is better on the market, the idea is good, but all in all the user experience not.

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