No Label Debuts Tonite in VA.

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No Label is the all female group that has as bragging rights, opening for 112, MC Hammer, and Tabi Bonney. They were a featured group for the 2007 Black Family Reunion and the 2007 ISES (International Special Events Society) Awards.

Individually, they have showcased their talents in a variety of ways, like The 2007 MTV Video Music Awards (The VMA’s), Shawn Michelle danced and shared the spotlight with hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes. Dada and Shawn Michelle have performed for Mya and Calvin Richardson and Shawn Michelle has done choreography for both. CJ, Shawn Michelle, and Dada have appeared in the movie, “Step Up.” Shawn Michelle was seen in “The Salon” with Vivica A. Foxx, and “New Best Friend” featuring Taye Diggs. Three of the members, Dada, Krys, and Shawn Michelle have appeared in videos for Tabi Bonney. Finally, Danni and Krys have appeared in videos for Ja Rule, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Jamie Jones.

So, as No Label’s members LA native, Danni, Detroit native, Krys, Tennessee native, CJ and Maryland natives Shawn Michelle and Dada prepare for the debut of their video “Whatchu Like”, the first single from their album, Shock and Aww, we grabbed them for a little “Greasy” chat.

Saba,Ink: Tell me a little bit about your journey

No Label:
We were formed three years ago. The group represents all different types of women. No Label represents not being labeled or put in a box. It is very important for people to understand that we were not given an image….we are the image. We sing all types of music and are an urban, pop, rock group.

Whose concept was this initially?

No Label: We were all dancing for an artist in North Carolina. Everywherewe went people wanted to know if we were a group. So, we joked around about it and a few months later decided to do it.

The name No Label could have two meanings especially with today’s trend toward artists by passing major Labels and working independently.
Is this a direction you want to pursue as a group?

No Label:
Preferably we’d like to be independent so that we can maintain creative control of our work. However, if a major label picks us up we’d be willing to look into it.

You all seem like strong Women. What does it mean to each of you individually to be a woman particularly in the industry you’re in?

To know your value and self worth. To not measure yourself by a body type or what you look like. It is not about how many guys want to talk to you. So many women have been taken astray by the outside look and how big your chest is, hair down to your back or what a magazine says you should look like. Being a woman is about
what you say you should be.

Krys: Confidence in yourself and what you have and who you are. With confidence you can go after what you want and not be stuck on one ideal.

Dada: Being an individual and being who you are will allow you to explore whatever type of music or area you want without being restricted by labels.

Danni: You are a woman by nature and a Lady by choice

Saba,Ink: Since you describe yourselves as mainly Pop Artists, which Artists have influenced your Pop style?

No Label: Pussycat Dolls, Linkin Park, Tears for Fears, TLC to name a few.

Saba, Ink: What are your plans moving forward?

No Label: Well on January 10th video release party, we have a few shows lined up for the DC area and also discussing a tour.

What don’t we know about you?

No Label: We do everything on our own. We are very involved with this project. There is just so much talent amongst us that we are able to do everything from writing to choreographing, producing. We are Christian and put Jesus Christ first in everything we do. We all Love and support each other as sisters. We genuinely like each other and come with our individual strengths to support the overall group mission. We also know were our boundaries are.

Saba,Ink: Personal relationships sometimes affect professional decisions. Sometimes for women, we allow our partners to affect what accomplish how far we go. Have any of you experienced this?

No Label: If they don’t understand and can’t contribute they’ve got to go! They have to pass the interview with all of us. They have to be there all day everyday!

No Label will Kickin’ it live Tonite at Jaxx Nightclub –

6355 Rolling
Road, West Springfield, VA 22152.

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Label, please go to and

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