Urban Artist named in Steriod Investigation.

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50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, and Timbaland have all been linked as potential buyers of steroids and human growth hormones in a shocking Albany, NY investigation. Albany based newspaper, The Times Union, has published a feature story on steroid usage outside of the sports arena. The report seems to only name African-American entertainers who might have recently brought steroids. In the story it stats that MJB receive multiple shipments of Jentropin and Oxandrolone from an Orland based pharmacy. Both of these are steroids. They even claim that the drugs where sent to her house under the fictional name “Marlo Stanfield” who is the drug kingpin HBO’s “The Wire.”

This report seems a little fishy to me. Why are only urban artist named in this investigation? The only none urban artist named was Sylvester Stallone. Can we can pretty much already tell what was going on with him. But the report stats to have used several sources and had access to shipping records. My main question is what is the whole point? They are not in the sports arena and no one is going to take their Grammy away from them if they used steroids.

But this would be a bad example for our youth who look up to these artist and if they are using steroids they should own up to it and let our youth know why it is dangerous to do so. 


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