Apple is Full of Hot Air

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So today at MacWorld 2008 Apple Inc. release all of the hot air. The new MacBook is paper thin and super expensive. For the base model your going to pay $1800 and for the better version your going to pay $3000. Umm Apple really needs to stick to making iPods and iPhones and not creating super expensive crap. In these times no one is making purchases that are un-necessary. And most people who have laptops already are not going to upgrade.
The MacBook Air has only 1 USB port, no DVD/CD drive, no firewire…ummm can you say the most pointless laptop ever. What’s worst is that you can’t install any programs on the MacBook Air without using another computer. With no DVD/CD you need a near by computer to install software. I personally think this is the wrong move. We want iTouch and iPhone updates and innovations. We could careless about Mac computers and laptops.

  • John
    January 16, 2008


    You should speak for yourself and not talk as is everybody shares your limited opinion. Someone should teach you how to write with a critical eye instead of your own twisted sense of self-importance. “We” don’t like it.

    The MacBook Air is designed to be a completely wireless device for road warriors, serious business travelers and people who need an ultralight portable. It might not be suitable for me or you, but it’s suitable for a lot of people.

    If it fails, it fails But if it succeeds, you’ll have to eat crow once again. I seem to remember you being the sage soothsayer who also said that the iPod was an expensive priece of underpowered crap that no one would buy. And you said the same thing about the iMac before that. And didn’t you say the same thing about the iPhone when it was first introduced?

    You should really stop writing about technology which you don’t understand and public reaction to it about which you know even less and stick with gossip mid-tier rappers.

  • GreasyGuide
    January 16, 2008

    I love when Mac fan boys try to come on my site and defend Mac. Go to Engadget or and read the reactions from the community and you will see that many share my opinions of Apple and their wack as MacBook Air. Everyone wants an update to the MacBook Pro. And if you are a real road warrior, which I am cause I’m always on the go. Just get a Air ExpressCard, pay $30 a month, and your connected. I can blog on the bus, train, or at the airport without having to search for a connection. Verizon gives the cards out for $200 and sometimes free.

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