and CBS Set Music Free..But What About Downloads?

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Want to get the attention of the internet generation? Then set the music free. Music and customization is what really made MySpace the social network of choice for a long time. Now the CBS owned has announced that it will allow users to listen to music singles and full albums online for free. But what about downloads?

Users will be able to listen to track up to 3 times before being asked to buy into the subscription service. and artist get paid the more users play their songs. And if you are an indie artist you will be able to upload your music to and start earning from the popularity of your song. EMI, Sony BMG, Universal and Warner have all signed on for this effort. This making this the largest collection of indie and mainstream artist music available online for free.

While this is a step in the right direction people are going to want access to download the songs. I rarely listen to music streaming on my computer. I’m a download junkie and I love to pop in my iPod Touch into a speak system and listen to my music. So this is an ok model but it’s going to have to go a bit further and offer downloads in order to really get my interest.


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