EZ Street: The Best of Crank That

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Me and Mike are sick of the superman song by now. Big up on that 3 mill sold. You got to respect the man hustle. Don’t fuck up your money. Anyway, Greasyguide.com is now retiring any Superman (Crank That) music videos. So to do that, here the top 5 crank that remixes. Oh yea, one more thing. Soujia Boy, please, please, don’t ever in life again say that your bigger Nas or Jay-Z. Your a one hit wonder. Leave it that way.

1) Asian Boy – Yank Dat Camel Toe

2) Crank Dat Ryu

3) Crank Dat Mega-Man

4) Crank Dat Holy Ghost

5) Crank Dat Leprechaun

Honerable Mention
The most lazy dance I ever seen
Crank Dat Pac-Man

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