How She Doesn’t Move

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This movie sucks! This movie sucks! This movie sucks!

So I had the displeasure of seeing How She Moves this weekend. I like a good dance movie but this movie make me want to throw my popcorn at the screen. The story follows a young Jamaican girl who has to come back home to the hood from prep school. Her sister died from drugs and sucked up all of the money the family had. In order to make ends met and go back to school she joins a mens dance crew and battles her way in the underground dance world. Yadda yadda yadda seen it all before. Where this movie fails is in the poor dance sequences, the poor story line, the poor acting, and the poor dance sequences. By far this movie has the worst dancing of any of the dance movies.

And what made the movie really suck was the fact that it just didn’t seem authentic. The kids in the movie where terrible actors. It didn’t come across as believable or if I really want to them to win. At the end all I really cared about was how I could get my money back for this shitty as movie. Umm and Keisha Cole was in it and she was totally pointless. It was like…oh lets throw in a C-List celebrity to try to make this movie maybe hot. But it just didn’t work.

  • Neesha
    May 7, 2008

    wot da hell woz goin on wid dis film it woz so shit gyal lyk me aint wastin my money 2 watch shit lyk dat agen..da only 1 gud ting bout dis film iz dat da choong boi dat iz in da film e iz so sexy.

  • ashley
    May 12, 2008

    yo bishop you are so fine but you are to old for me but you always will have girls coming here and there and the gurls whao were fighting very good acting i have been practicing steps to so i was just wishing you guys a thank you for such a great movie hope to see another one

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