Help Obama with Obey stickers.

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Thanks for reaching out and wanting to get involved with OBEY’s effort to support the OBAMA Campaign. Shepard made this image for the purpose of making pasters to be put on the street, with the money coming from prints sales to help fund the effort. For those interested, we will be sending out a care-package of the OBAMA Paster plus some OBEY stickers to be put up on the street. These pasters will be folded, not tubed, and are STRICTLY for street use. We do not expect to see them for sale on EBAY or anywhere else, so we ask that only the seriously dedicated get involved!

If you are interested in helping in the street campaign, we ask that everyone pay for shipping. The Shipping Cost for the materials is going to be approximately $15 (US ONLY). Below is the link to purchase the shipping. Be sure to submit the correct shipping address as there will be no address changes. We are limiting one package per person/household. For those is CA, our goal is to get you the pasters before the California Primary on February 5th, so once you get your package be sure to hit the streets fast. For everyone else you will receive your materials shortly thereafter.

This effort will go on as long as supplies last.  Be sure to take
as many photos as possible of your work on the streets and send them to  We will try to get as
much as we can posted on the website.

Click here to get order your stickers.

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  • Mike
    February 25, 2008

    I got some of your stickers from a friend of mine and have given them out to other friends to throw up high where they cant be taken down. We need more though to hype up Obama. If you can send some stickers or pasters that would be dope and i wouldn’t let you down. Obama will be chillin on the walls of every corner in LA. Just let this man be known to all Americans.

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